SEISMIC6 - Be Limitless
Our formula is designed to provide neuroprotective benefits for long term brain health and promote cognitive and executive functions for immediate mental performance.Seismic6 has a proprietary combination of highly-effective, all natural ingredients that work together on the cellular level. The result is a powerful mental and physical boost that you will start to feel working in just minutes and that will last throughout the day.Seismic6 Feeds your brain so you can stay Sharp throughout the day. Seismic 6 supports your focus and clarity and reduces the breakdown of your neurotransmitters.
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My name is Bobby Brown, I am 66 years old and I love playing golf with my son Christopher any chance I get. I still work full time, about 60 hours a week in the fall/winter [12hour days]  and in the spring and summer about 70 hours a week 6 days a week. I am the Sales Manager at a local Indian Motorcycle Dealership, so I stay very busy.
At my age I need all the brain health I can get, because I deal with numbers, data, and much more everyday. I have found myself getting tired about half-way through the day and losing focus very easily, which is not good in my line of work. After a few years of research I discovered Seismic6, a truly incredilbe Brain Health product that provides not only sustain energy throughout my day. But great brain health benefits as well.
I have found that by taking Seismic6 once I day, not only do have the sustained energy to get me through my day, but my focus, concentration levels, and clarity has increased tremendously. I just mix one Seismic6 powered pouch in my water bottle and sip on that drink  throughout morning, and I am on my way to a great day! Please download my Free E-Book above and take a look at the ingredients in this product, along with an explanation on what each ingredient does, and I think you will be amazed as well. No settle for an average product: Be Limitless and try Seismic6.
Seismic6 - Be Limitless
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Dr K Explains The Nootropics That Are In Seismic6
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